Mayor Zimmer Announces Indoor Bike Parking Policy For City Hall

Hoboken, NJ - Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Bikes at the PATH station

As part of Bike-to-Work Week and the Zimmer Administration’s continued commitment to making Hoboken more bicycle-friendly, Mayor Dawn Zimmer announced today that municipal employees may park their bikes inside City Hall.

“Lack of secure parking is one of the leading deterrents to potential bicycle commuters,” said Mayor Zimmer. “This is just one part of our comprehensive plan to make Hoboken the most bike-friendly city in New Jersey.”

Mayor Zimmer extended the challenge to other employers in the City.

“I challenge all businesses in Hoboken to allow indoor bike parking for their employees,” added Zimmer. “Everyone in the community benefits from healthier employees, less traffic, and less pollution.”

Businesses who institute a Bike Friendly policy are urged to contact the City�s Department of Transportation and Parking at in order to be added to a “Bike Friendly Business” list to be featured on the City’s website.

New York City instituted a “Bikes in Buildings” law in 2009 as a result of repeated studies indicating that a lack of secure parking was one of the top reasons preventing people from cycling to work.

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