Mayor Zimmer Announces Resiliency & Sustainability Team

Hoboken, NJ - Thursday, July 27th, 2017

Mayor Dawn Zimmer announced today that she has appointed Caleb Stratton as Chief Resiliency Officer and Jennifer Gonzalez as Chief Sustainability Officer. As co-leaders of the City’s Resiliency and Sustainability efforts, they will work with an inter-departmental team including Business Administrator Stephen Marks, Directors Brandy Forbes and Leo Pellegrini, Zoning Officer and Floodplain Manager Ann Holtzman, Transportation Principal Planner Ryan Sharp, and Community Development Principal Planner Chris Brown.

“Resiliency and Sustainability go hand-in-hand,” said Mayor Zimmer. “A sustainable and resilient Hoboken will be an environmentally, socially, and economically healthy community that allows future generations of residents to meet and exceed our quality of life.”

The team is advancing resiliency and sustainability initiatives in 9 priority areas. Highlighted projects include:

  • Urban Coastal Flooding: $230 million federally-funded Rebuild by Design comprehensive flood mitigation plan
  • Rainfall Flooding: $90 million investment to date by the City and other partners in stormwater management projects, including a second flood pump, 3 resiliency parks capable of storing more than 1.5 million gallons of stormwater, the City Hall green infrastructure project, and 19 bioswales on Washington Street and First Street; and a summer green jobs training program for youth and low-income residents to maintain green infrastructure
  • Energy and Communications: $300 million for the elevation and hardening of PSE&G electrical substations; a parallel electrical microgrid for critical facilities; elevated backup generators at critical first responder facilities; Smart City kiosks with free public wifi to create a resilient communications network; and the Hoboken Solar Challenge (
  • Drinking Water: $12 million investment in water infrastructure upgrades on Washington Street and priority areas citywide; and $31 million in additional capital investments to upgrade the drinking water system through a proposed renegotiated water service contract
  • Transportation & Parking: Incorporation of green streets (rain gardens, bioswales, porous paving, etc) and complete streets (pedestrian, bicycle, and transit improvements)  principles as part of roadway resurfacing projects to encourage walking and bicycling; improved Hop shuttle service; city-wide car sharing and bicycle sharing programs
  • Land Use & Green Building Design: More than 100,000 square feet of new green roofs in 2 years due to zoning incentives; requirements for LEED construction and other low-impact development practices in all redevelopment plans; and Resilient Buildings Design Guidelines that provide flood protection guidance to property owners
  • Natural Resources: 11 acres of new open space; expansion of tree planting and maintenance program including volunteer cleanup efforts in City parks; 34 new community garden plots and more planned
  • Waste Management: 58 BigBelly solar compacting trash and recycling bins; residential composting program,; and planning a commercial composting pilot program
  • Hazard Mitigation and Emergency Management: Ongoing updates to the Emergency Operations Plan, Hazard Mitigation Plan, Continuity of Operations Plan and day to day coordination with Hoboken Police, Fire, and Office of Emergency Management

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