9-11 Memorial

The City of Hoboken was awarded a grant from the Department of Community Affairs for the Construction of a September 11th Memorial. Although a design had been selected by the September 11th Memorial Committee which would have constructed a walkway from Pier A to a newly constructed pier on which the Memorial would be constructed of tempered glass with the names of the 57 Hoboken residents lost in the tragic events of 9/11/2001, the preliminary cost estimates received by the Committee to construct such walkway and new pier would far exceed the remaining available grant funds.

Due to the original concept being cost-prohibitive, the September 11th Memorial Committee desired the placement of a modified Memorial on Pier A. The City, working in conjunction with the September 11th Memorial Committee went through the process of developing a conceptual design that incorporates many of the meaningful features of the original design. The City hosted a public meeting on the design and location, and after considering the input of the public, the City Council approve the location and conceptual design of the Memorial.

The proposed memorial is oriented toward the World Trade Center site and will have complete ADA accessibility. Lighting will be utilized to highlight the glass panels. The plan features two symmetrical, semicircular platforms, each one and a half feet high. Each raised semicircle will hold half of the glass panels. The two platforms with the panels are considered representative of the twin towers. Because they are raised, visitors will have a place to sit and place mementos and flowers. A beveled edge circumscribed around the interior will be etched with text as determined by the September 11th Memorial Committee. There will be no change in grade for the walking surface. This concept offers clear visibility through the site and will be inviting to visitors.

The City is working with the September 11th Memorial Committee to complete bid specifications and finalize details for the permanent memorial at Pier A. In the interim, a display with information on the design and plans for the memorial have been installed at the location.