2018 Hoboken Green Businesses

Aether Game Cafe 
519 Washington Street
Sustainable game cafe taking an artisan approach to roasting organic and fair trade coffees, committed to serving clean and quality products.

Avocado Green Mattress
12 Hudson Place, Suite 100
Vendor of mattresses and pillows made from natural, organic, and non-toxic materials with environmentally conscious, ethical and sustainable business practices.

Bareburger of Hoboken  
515 Washington Street
Organic and sustainable food restaurant with fresh, vibrant, clean food that sources ingredients as close to home as possible.

Carpathian Industries  
51 Newark Street
Sustainably conscious and value-oriented supplier of plastic and metal parts to a variety of small and midsize companies.

Choc O Pain French Bakery & Café of Hoboken
157 First Street and 1500 Hudson Street
Environmentally conscious European bakery that uses compostable materials and offers discounts for reusable travel mugs.

Christina Andersen Floral Design 
720 Monroe Street
Sustainable floral studio workshop dedicated to recycling and reusing materials to reduce waste.

Hoby Dogy Pet Care  
105 11th Street
Pet care service that advocates sustainable practices and encourages recycling with its metal recycling program.

Little City Books  
100 Bloomfield Street
Local bookshop that prioritizes sustainable practices, recycles and reduces waste, and plans on cutting energy use.

Mint Market 
303 1st Street
Sustainable boutique shop that encourages reusing and recycling practices, and supports local, green source low harm and low impact items.

My Conscience My Choice LLC  
130 Park Ave, #2A
Eco-friendly business focused on helping consumers switch to more sustainable products, acting as a resource for clean-ingredient, cruelty-free, and natural product alternatives.

Nurturing Life Acupuncture & Wellness
104 4th Street
Eco-friendly business that practices acupuncture as a sustainable healing method and maintains sustainable office practices.

Organic Basic Foods Grocery 
204 Washington Street
Organic and specialty market that serves all-natural products, and provides simple and healthy alternatives for a better life.

Pilsener Haus & Biergarten  
1422 Grand Street
Environmentally conscious restaurant that looks to offer biodegradable and eco-friendly food storage containers and reduce food waste.

Simply Juiced  
262 1st Street
Organic and sustainable restaurant that is committed to providing ethically sourced organic and locally farmed juices and foods.

Smushed Organics   
200 Jackson Street, #9
Sustainable business that focuses on providing healthy, clean food options for children, and uses eco-friendly recycling practices.

Sobsey’s Produce  
92 Bloomfield Street
Organic market that provides fresh, local produce and organic foods, and uses local vendors and ethical producers.

Sports Acupuncture & Family Wellness  
26-42 Newark Street
Eco-friendly business that practices acupuncture as a sustainable healing method and maintains sustainable office practices.

Stevens Institute of Technology  
1 Castle Point Terrace
University that encourages eco-friendly practices, promotes sustainable transportation, reduces landfill waste and is increasing energy efficiency.

The Little Grocery  
1212 Washington Street
Eco-friendly food restaurant that advocates sustainable practices, composts food waste, and promotes reusing and recycling.

Urban Consign & Design  
650 Newark Street
Green business that resells and recycles home furnishings, saving furniture from going to landfills.