RFP – Waterfront and Seawall Rehabilitation

Dive report
Please be advised, the Department of Environmental Services has not yet received a final dive report from Boswell. Therefore, the City does not have a dive report to distribute to individuals or firms interested in submitting proposals for the City�s RFP: Waterfront and Seawall Rehabilitation. The language in the RFP at page 19 which states the report is available upon request is inaccurate. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

The RFP does not have a proposal form included, but the RFP at page 2, paragraph 6 suggests a proposal form is included in the document. How should vendors proceed?
The City has not created a proposal form for this RFP. The City intends to accept any originally formatted proposal form created by each vendor, so long as the form includes all issues raised in the �Cost Proposal/Pricing� are adequately addressed.

RFP – Permitting Payment Software Services

May I please have a copy of the RFP in Microsoft Word or Excel format so I can respond to the requirements directly?
Yes, click here for the Word document.

Has the City seen any web demos/presentations from any vendors within the past year or two?
This information is not relevant to the current RFP.

How many total concurrent user licenses will the City need for this implementation? The answer is dependent on the vendor�s definition of �user licenses.�
The City plans to make this system available to both City staff as well as other users via the online access. City staff members using the system will range from 1 to 100 individuals. The City cannot provide data regarding the number of online users who will access the service.

Is this implementation only for the Hoboken Parking Utility? If so, what type of specific permits require tracking
This question is answered within the RFP.

Do they have any data conversion needs from any legacy systems? If so, what systems would require data conversion?
This question is answered within the RFP.

Is there a defined budget for this RFP? If so, could the City share the amount?
There is not a defined budget, which is why the City has issued an RFP rather than an RFQ.

“Support tracking of permit applications, permit issuance, complaints, and field inspections.”

  • What kind of complaints and field inspections?
    Concerns about illegally parked vehicles, permit misuse, blocked crosswalks, and other infractions reported by the general public.
  • What data elements will be required?
    Data elements include Name, Location, Complaint Type, Officer, Outcome, etc.

“Capable of managing monthly automated billing via multiple payment methods for lease agreements such as garage parking and parking lot spaces.”

  • Is the system for entering lease agreements for garage parking and parking lot spaces in place already?
    There is a legacy system that we intend to replace.
  • If a system exists, what type of interface will be required?
    We intend to replace the legacy system in its entirety.
  • Data elements to transfer?
    Basic account and billing information typical for garage lease agreements.
  • Type of access to existing data?
    Existing data can be accessed via database export as Excel or other portable format.
  • Import/Export?
  • Direct Database Access

Have any other questions been submitted regarding this RFP?
All questions/responses are provided on the following web page: